Cute Ways to Tell Your Boyfriend That You Are Thinking of Him

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There's little that a guy likes to hear more than that his girlfriend is thinking about him. If you say it too often, however, it might start to lose its meaning. So, keep looking for new and ever-cuter ways to tell your boyfriend that he is on your mind. Without coming on too strong, show your boyfriend how you feel with a variety of cute ideas. Keep changing how you communicate your love to keep your boyfriend guessing and always interested.


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Many boys love cookies. Bake some for your boyfriend for no special occasion. Deliver them to him at home just to show him he is on your mind. Make it extra special by decorating them with cute messages written in icing, such as "U + Me 4Ever" or "U R Mine." Find out in advance what his favorite kind of cookie is to make it extra personal and meaningful.

Video Email

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Sending a thoughtful email to your boyfriend can be meaningful, but it's been done. Instead, send him a video of yourself telling him you are thinking of him. Record it on a webcam or with your phone, and send it to him at a random time of day. Decide what you want to say in advance, look straight into the camera and say it with heart.

Hidden Note

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Handwritten notes are less common with the popularity of email and text messages. Go back to basics and write a short, cute note to your boyfriend with a quick message such as "Thinking of you" or "I miss you." Hide it somewhere he is bound to find it later, such as in one of his pockets, in his jacket, in his bag or in his locker at school.

Playful Text Message

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Sending a text message might be a common thing to do, but your timing can make it special. If you know your boyfriend has a boring night at home with his family, send him a text in the middle of it to ask how it is going. Set your alarm for the middle of the night and send him a quick text message to tell him you are dreaming about him.

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