Things to Bake for Your Boyfriend

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If in fact food really is the key to a man's heart, then baking for your boyfriend is a surefire way to win his heart. Most men love to eat, especially homemade desserts. Show your boyfriend your love for him while exhibiting your domestic side by baking for him. Whether you make cookies or a pie, pastries or cakes, your boyfriend will be very appreciative of whatever baked good is placed in front of him.

Breakfast Baked Goods

Some of the best foods to bake are breakfast foods. Invite your boyfriend over for a breakfast date and serve him a special breakfast inclusive of some kind of baked good that you know he'll love. Choose a basic recipe, such as frosted cinnamon rolls, biscuits or muffins, a more hearty or savory recipe such as quiche, or a more complicated baked good such as a danish or pastry.

Occasion Cakes

No matter what the occasion, you can always find a reason to bake a cake. Bake your boyfriend a cake that the two of you can eat together. Find something to celebrate, such as your one month or one year anniversary, a job promotion, a holiday, birthday or something simple, such as a "just because I love you" celebration and make a cake. Find out your boyfriend's favorite cake, frosting, and filling flavors and bake the cake accordingly. Buy decorative frosting and write or decorate the top of the cake to suit the event you are celebrating.

Creative Cookies

When it comes to making cookies, the combinations are endless. Find out what your boyfriend's favorite cookies are and make them, or create a combination that he will love. For instance, use a basic chocolate chip cookie recipe as your base and add to it. If your boyfriend likes nuts, add his favorite nuts to the dough. Add his favorite type of chocolate and any other extras he may like, such as dried fruit, cereal or other candies. For gift ideas, place the cookies in a cookie jar that he can keep for you to refill at his request.

Special Desserts

Plan a dinner at home for one of your date nights and follow up your home cooked meal with a scrumptious dessert. Be creative and go out on a limb. Try to bake something you have never made before, something that is a little more complicated and fancy. Attempt to make a molten lava cake, a cheesecake, crème brûlée, or white or dark chocolate mousse. Place the dessert on a fancy plate and garnish with whatever is the most appropriate for the dessert, such as melted chocolate, mint leaves, sugar crystals, fresh fruit or whipped cream.