What to Write on Bridal Shower Cakes

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Hosting a bridal shower is an honor usually bestowed upon the maid of honor and bridesmaids. It’s your responsibility to create a cheerful and loving environment for the bride-to-be and your guests. Choose a theme or color scheme for the shower and use it in your decorations and the bridal shower cake. Write a message on the cake that complements the bride’s personality and the shower.


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Write the bride’s favorite love quote on the cake, or make up one that fits her relationship with the groom. Use phrases such as “here’s to your happily ever after” if she compares her groom to “Prince Charming” or if their love story seems to be taken straight from a fairytale. Write the bride and groom’s names on the cake with their wedding date. Use their pet names for each other if the names are decent enough for grandma to see and well known. Consider having a photo of the couple, such as their engagement picture, decorated on the cake with the words “true love” or a special phrase he used during the proposal.


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Tie your cake saying into your theme for the bridal shower. For example, if your shower theme is “around the kitchen,” add the phrase “he popped the question” to a picture of a toaster with toast popping out. “Today, tomorrow and forever” would be a fitting phrase for an “around the clock” shower. “May your love for each other blossom and grow” would work for a tea party, garden shower or any similar theme. Use “lucky in love” for a casino, games or “Vegas” themed shower.


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Use short, sweet and simple phrases if the bride is a no-fuss kind of girl or if you’d prefer the emphasis to be on the cake’s design or decorations. The simplest “congratulation” works on a small cake or a heavily decorated cake without much room for words. Other phrases include “bouquets of good wishes,” love is chocolate cake for the soul” or “happiness today and always.” Even simple phrases such as “live, laugh, love” are appropriate if they fit in with the bride’s personality. If the couple is super sweet with each other, write something like “happy hearts forever.” Use her soon-to-be name to complete a phrase such as “to the future Mrs. Jackson” or a statement like “sweetest wishes for the soon-to-be-Mrs.”

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