Birthday Surprise Ideas for a Long-Distance Boyfriend

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Being in a long-distance relationship is difficult for many couples, particularly around holidays and birthdays. While the distance may keep you from throwing the party you want, you can still celebrate and show your boyfriend you care with a well-planned birthday surprise. Start planning a couple months in advance so that your surprise isn't a belated gift.


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A heartfelt letter can be all it takes to make your boyfriend smile. Even if you regularly exchange letters, send an extra letter for his birthday. Include a singing card, gift certificate or perfumed kiss.


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Everyone wants a cake for their birthday. Make your boyfriend a cake out of construction paper, glitter, and ribbon. For a fun surprise, place the cake on a card that includes a recipe and candles.


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Pictures help you to remember special times together and celebrate even when apart. Make a photo album or video slide show with photographs of you together. Add your favorite songs and record your voice for a personal touch.

Web Cam

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Mail your boyfriend a web camera and microphone so that you can share his birthday over the internet.

Birthday in a Box

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Mail a "Happy Birthday" banner, balloons, confetti, kazoo, cake mix, candles and card in a box labeled "Do Not Open." Set up a web conference with your boyfriend to tell him when to open the box. Order the same type of food and sit together for a long-distance dinner party.


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Depending on the situation it may be possible to surprise your boyfriend with a visit. Schedule a web conference, chat session or phone call on the day you plan to visit so that you know your boyfriend will be available. Take a cab or drive to his house and knock on the door when it is time for your date to begin.