Bridal Shower Gifts From the Mother-in-Law

by Candice Coleman

Watching your family expand is typically a rewarding experience, but when it comes to various wedding events, you may feel uncertain about what to give. Bridal shower gifts can include needed housewares and home decor items, as well as playful, entertainment-related presents. As the mother-in-law, your gift options are really up to you. Consider the couple's own personal style and use your imagination to come up with something that stands out from the rest.

Things to Give

Plenty of guests will buy from the marrying couple's registry, so thinking outside the box is another way to go. You could purchase tickets to a sporting event, concert, ballet or show that you think they'll enjoy. Or, a monthly wine membership might delight. Another idea is to create a "movie night" gift basket filled with theater-related treats like gourmet popcorn and candies, as well as a variety of DVDs for their viewing pleasure. Sentimental gifts, like a scrapbook or slideshow of the couple's moments together over the years, could also tug at heartstrings. Or, you could go with a robe embroidered with your daughter-in-law's new last name, or items that the couple could use on their honeymoon, like camping gear or a camera.

Things You Might Not Want to Give

While some guests will certainly give suggestive gifts at a bridal shower, treading carefully is essential. Though you want to make an impression on your daughter-in-law, you want it to be a good impression. Before purchasing anything suggestive, like lingerie, talk to your daughter-in-law about your intentions to get her reaction first.

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