Blessing Gifts for Babies

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A baby blessing ceremony is enacted to welcome an infant to the world. Rather than the strictly religious rituals of baptism and christening, a baby blessing ceremony can draw inspiration from a variety of religions or none at all. Its format is entirely subject to the ideas and values of the parents. There are a number of suitable gifts pertaining to baby blessing ceremonies--the exact choice will depend on the personality of the giver and the tastes and beliefs of the parents, and nominally the baby.

Name a Star

Stars signify shining permanence and instill a sense of wonder on those who behold them. The International Star Registry and Star Listings International both offer a service where stars can be named on behalf of babies. Although not recognised by astronomers, the symbolic gesture of naming a star is a powerful one. The star in question can be chosen from any constellation. The companies provide its coordinates so that the child can locate it once he or she is old enough.

Plant a Tree

Buy an ornamental tree or plant one in the baby’s name. It is one of the most eco-friendly gifts possible and, in later years, the growing tree can help the growing child feel bonded to the earth. Trees for Life offers a gift scheme where a tree can be planted in the Scottish Highlands on behalf of someone special. Other companies offer a similar service.

Write a Poem

Writing a poem with the baby in mind is a thoughtful and money-saving gift. It doesn’t matter how it compares to other poems, the important thing is that it comes from the heart and expresses the writer’s feeling for the occasion and/or infant. A poem that the writer has obviously spent time composing is likely to be treasured in adulthood.

Make a Bracelet

Making a charm bracelet is relatively easy to do and proffers a lovely sentiment. Alternatively, buy one with a simple design from a jewelry store. As the child grows older additional charms can be added that commemorate other events such as birthdays.