Gifts for a Baby's Funeral

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The loss of any family member is devastating on all who are affected, but the loss of a baby seems to be particularly devastating. It's difficult to justify the loss of an innocent and fragile child, and as outsiders to grieving parents, a memorial gift for a baby is the saddest gift a person will give or receive. When looking at funeral gifts for babies, it's important to be sensitive to the parents and show them that you care. There are many different types of memorial gifts you can give for an infant's funeral.

Gift Boxes and Baskets

A gift box or gift basket is a special way to symbolize the loss of an infant. This provides the grieving parents with items that show you care and can help them get through this hard time. These boxes or baskets can contain items such as grieving workbooks for the couple to work through their grief together, books of daily inspiration; personal journals; and candles, bath salts, and herbal tea for relaxation.

Planting a Tree or Garden

Planting a tree or memorial garden is another special way to memorialize the loss of an infant. When looking to plant a memorial tree, try to look for one that has special meaning, such as a weeping willow, or a tree that blooms every year at the time of what would have been the infant's birthday.

Special garden stones can be made special when the baby's name, birth date and date of death, or other peaceful or inspirational sayings are printed on them.


Sometimes, the loss of an infant is due to an unfortunate disease, such as cancer or heart disease. To memorialize the loss of an infant to something like this, a donation to a charity for that disease in the infant's name is symbolic and special.

A Baby Book

Making a baby book is another nice way of memorializing the infant. Things that may be put in the baby book could include ultrasound photos if available, any photos of the baby whether at the hospital or elsewhere, a lock of hair if available, the birth certificate, any letters or nice mementos from others that show support to the parents, funeral program, and any comforting words or scriptures that bring peace.


A locket is another special gift for a baby's funeral. A picture of the child can be placed in the locket, and a message can even be engraved, with the birth date, death date, or other special message. A locket with the child's birthstone is special also, and is a nice gift for the parents that shows you are sensitive to their loss.