Sympathy Gifts for a Mother Losing Her Son

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Expressing sympathy to a mother of a child who is dying is often difficult, and mere words cannot remove the devastating pain that the mother feels. In order to help her deal with the loss and grief, she would appreciate a simple gift of significant value to her that helps her cope.

A Journal

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Journals will allow her the opportunity to write her thoughts and memories, as she goes through the grieving process. Journaling can help her deal with her feelings whether be it anger, depression or denial. Journaling can help her recapture memories of long ago and remind her of specials moments she and her son shared. It can be a therapeutic but not threatening way of dealing with her feelings.

A Scrapbook

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Similar to the journal, a scrapbook will allow the grieving mother to process and deal with her loss. There is nothing so precious than to reminisce about someone very dear to you. As the mother chooses pictures of her son for the book, she will think about the events related to the pictures. She can include in the scrapbook things that belonged to her son. She can also journal under each picture, discussing what her son was doing, thinking or saying. If her son has younger children, the grieving mother, in later years, can pass the scrapbook to them so they will have a connection to their father.

A Memorial Bracelet

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A memorial item would be an appropriate gift for a mother who is losing her son. A memorial bracelet is a bracelet that includes the birthstone (representing the birth), a stone for the month the person died and an onyx stone (to represent death). The bracelet may also include a religious item, mascot or anything else related to the deceased person.

A Recycled Gift

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A blanket or throw made from neckties or other particles of clothing owned by the deceased is a unique and special gift. When making a request for the items needed for the recycling project, careful consideration is required in terms of the timing of the request.