Christian Confirmation Gifts for Teen Boys


When a teen boy receives the sacrament of confirmation, he is affirming his Christian faith and his willingness to become a witness for Christ, bolstered by the strength of the Holy Spirit. To commemorate this important step, you can choose a gift that reflects the teenager's religious commitment and appeals to his tastes and interests at the same time.

Books and Music

Many Christian stores, including online sources, offer books, CDs and DVDs geared toward teenagers. Choose a biography of your teen's patron saint or select a Bible with a personalized vinyl or leather cover. Other book ideas include titles that offer spiritual advice or explain the teen's faith. offers a list of "Great Books for Christian Teens" at its website.

If your teen enjoys Christian music, purchase CDs by his favorite artist or buy a gift card from a source such as iTunes so that he can select and download songs on his own. Another good choice, available online or at religious book and goods stores, is a DVD about the life of Christ, his patron saint or a topic related to his faith.

Clothing and Accessories

Trendy clothing with a Christian theme is another option. Several stores and online sites, including Lifeway Stores, C28 and Kerusso, market Christian lines with teenage boys in mind. They offer shirts, T-shirts, jackets and hoodies, as well as accessories such as belts, wallets and hats, even backpacks.

Jewelry is another option. Pick a necklace featuring a cross or patron saint medal on a gold or silver chain. Or try something different---a ring embossed with a cross, a set of dogs tags engraved with inspirational verses or a metal link bracelet with an ichthys (fish) charm.

Religious Items

Traditional religious items are popular gifts that a teenage boy can treasure. Some ideas include inspirational posters or plaques, especially ones that carry the dove image representing the Holy Spirit. Or give your teen a confirmation-themed picture frame, religious icon or a cross or crucifix to hang on his bedroom wall. A Catholic teen will appreciate a rosary. You can find these items at religious goods stores and websites.