Wedding Gift Ideas for Children of Parents Getting Married

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During a wedding ceremony it is customary to give gifts to the bridal party as a thank you for their participation. If the bride and groom already have children it is likely they will have a role in the wedding, such as a flower girl or page boy. It can be difficult finding the right gift that will also be meaningful. The gift that you give should be appreciated and also serve as a keepsake as they grow older. With a little imagination it is possible to give them a gift that will last a lifetime.


Jewelry is a sentimental gift as it can be worn daily to serve as a reminder of the special occasion. Have a bracelet or ring engraved with a personal message, date or phrase. As the child grows up the small ring can be put onto a chain and worn as a necklace. If the ceremony was religious, buy a necklace with a cross on. Alternatively, buy a charm bracelet along with a charm that is symbolic of the wedding. The bracelet can form the basis of a collection and a reminder of the occasion. Buy an engraved watch or pocket watch for a little boy.

Personalized Doll

Have a crafts person make a mini doll of your child. Let them know what bridesmaid dress or little suit they will be wearing on the day of the wedding. If the dress is being made, get an extra sample of material which can be used to make the dress for the doll. Place the doll on the child's chair on the day of the wedding as a surprise gift. It will make them happy but will also be a sentimental item that can be passed onto their children in years to come.

Memory Book

Create a memory book or box of items related to the marriage for your children to look back on. Include photographs of the children wearing their wedding clothes, any fittings that they went to and scraps of material. Write out a special invitation to them or thank you letters saying what a great help they were and include it in the book. Keep as many mementos of the occasion as you can such as the order of service books, favors and photographs. The more you include in the book or box, the better the finished result will be.

Gifts for Boys

Personalize a wooden gift box with the little boy's name. Fill it with his favorite toys such as aeroplanes or cars. The toy box can hold all of his toys for many years to come. Alternatively, have a piggy bank engraved with his name on. If the boy is slightly older, get him a personalized gift that relates to his hobby such as a skateboard or baseball glove.