Religious Ideas for 50th Wedding Anniversary

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Celebrating a 50th anniversary is a gift all in its own. For couples that are as devoted to each other as they are to their religion, it is important to incorporate their religion into the celebration of their anniversary. The symbol for the 50th anniversary is gold, so couples should consider incorporating gold into their religious anniversary gifts.

Vow Renewal

Renewing marriage vows is a great way to re-devote a husband and wife to each other and to their religion. The vow renewal can be a religious ceremony as well. Many times, the husband and wife will write their own vows to each other. They can also write vows to commit themselves to their religion. To incorporate the gold tradition for a 50th anniversary, the decorations and flowers could all be gold. The couple can exchange gold rings to symbolize 50 years in marriage.

Golden Gifts

A great way to represent a 50th anniversary and celebrate religion is to have a religious quote pertaining to marriage or love engraved on a gold plaque. Couples can also print a religious quote and put it in a gold frame or engrave a quote about love on a gold ring. Write prayers to each other in gold ink or on gold paper as a sentimental way to recognize an anniversary. Giving gold religious figures or symbols is also a great religious gift for a 50th anniversary.


Since a 50th anniversary is such a tremendous milestone, a trip to a place with religious significance is a fantastic way to celebrate. Traveling to a foreign country where the couple's religion originated or to an important place in their religion's history would help the couple learn more about their religion and provide them with a relaxing and adventurous time together. Even just returning to each other’s childhood place of worship is a great way to celebrate religion and bring a husband and wife closer. If the husband and wife choose to travel, buying new luggage in a gold color for each other would also be a unique way to symbolize a 50th anniversary.