Unique Wedding Gifts for a Son & Daughter-in-Law

It is very exciting when your son decides to get married. Often parents give money towards the wedding or the happy couple's bank account as a gift. If you are looking to give a gift that is out of the ordinary, you have many options. Try a unique gift to celebrate this wonderful time in the couple's life.


Write your son and future daughter-in-law a poem to let them know how special they are to you. Place it in a frame for your son and daughter-in-law to proudly display in their home. If you are not interested in writing poetry, you can purchase a mounted poem that can be personalized with their names. They come with a space to insert a picture. Place a picture from before the wedding or wait until after the wedding and place your favorite wedding photo in it.

Family Photo

Invite your son and future daughter-in-law to a photo studio for a family portrait. Include all family members who are dear to you for a complete photo of your newly-expanded family. Place the finished photograph in a decorative frame so that they can put it on display in their home.

Honeymoon Additions

Purchase luxurious additions for your son and future daughter-in-law's honeymoon. If they are lovers of the outdoors, purchase them a round of golf or a day of snorkeling. If they are food lovers, try a dinner at a nice restaurant or breakfast in bed. A massage for the couple is a nice way for them to relax on their trip.

Memory Quilt

Collect photographs of special events and people to create a memory quilt. The quilt should include pictures of the bride and groom as well as family members and friends. The quilt can be used on their bed to leave them with memories of the past so that they can be reminded to build more memories in their future.