Romantic Gifts for Homecoming

When your significant other returns home from an extended holiday, business trip, deployment or any other absence, greet him with a romantic gift to celebrate his homecoming. A romantic gift celebrated by just the two of you will show him how much you have missed him. Even if you are planning a "welcome home" party for friends and family to help celebrate, create a private moment to present your romantic gift to him.

Sweet Treats

Plan on taking your girl to her favorite restaurant or the upscale eatery she's always wanted to try, or orchestrate a romantic dinner for two at home. Prepare the meal yourself, or hire a chef to prepare and serve the meal in your home. Of course romantic music, rose petals and candles should accompany the meal.

For a simpler sweet treat, arrange all of her favorite candies (including chocolate roses and kisses) in a vase or decorative basket.

A Picnic

Pack a picnic lunch with sandwiches, cookies, cheese or any other edible items in heart shapes. Use a heart-shaped cookie cutter, if necessary. Include a blanket or sheet with hearts or roses on it. Sneak in a single rose, love note or kite for the two of you to enjoy with your lunch. If you can picnic near a lake or creek, consider planting a bottle with a message in the water for your lover to find.

Roses Lead the Way

Rose petals can lead the way to making almost any gift romantic. Leave a trail of roses with smaller gifts or treasure hunt clues along the way. The final destination could be a candlelit bath or the bed with a heart and the words "welcome home" spelled out using rose petals.

A Getaway

Plan a short romantic getaway for the two of you. Even though he is just returning, a departure that includes you may thrill him. Particularly if the getaway includes a romantic cruise, honeymoon suite or a place that is special to the two of you.

Special Outings

Arrange for a special outing that you know she'll love. This could be a couple massage at a luxurious spa, tickets to the new romance flick or concert tickets to her favorite artist (who sings love songs).

Intimate Gifts

Purchase an intimate gift, such as adult "love" dice, new lingerie or satin bedsheets. Massage oils, bath oils, perfume or cologne are other gifts that can lead to romantic situations.

Thoughts of You

Present your gift (even mundane items) in the arms of a stuffed animal that includes a heart or the words "Missing You," or a similar sentiment. Prepare for your partner's homecoming long in advance by keeping a special journal or jar while he's gone. Each day that he's away, write out a thought, such as "I love you because," "I miss when you" or "I was just thinking about when" and seal with a kiss. Use his favorite lipstick, or different shades for variety. Decorate the jar or notebook with hearts, lipstick kisses or another loving symbol. Spritz your perfume on it before he arrives home. Assemble a scrapbook while she's gone to include pictures, thoughts and things that have happened while she's been away. She'll be able to share in everything that she missed. Or, put together a memory book to include your favorite pictures and memories of the two of you.