Cute Ways to Propose From Far Away

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A woman often dreams of the day her mate proposes to her, so that they are able to share their lives together. However, this doesn't mean the proposal has to be extravagant, especially when you're in a long-distance relationship. Being creative when proposing to your partner while she's far away is the best way to make the proposal memorable.

Propose via Media

Call up your partner's favorite local radio station and ask the DJ to send your proposal message on air. First, request a song that is meaningful to you and your significant other. After the song, propose. Be sure to ask the DJ when the message will be aired so that you may tell your mate when to listen.

If your lover is more of a reader, take out an ad in her favorite newspaper or magazine. List all of the reasons why you want to spend the rest of your life with her and finish off with, "Will you marry me?" Don't forget to include her name.

Propose via Snailmail

Although it may not seem romantic, sending a marriage proposal by mail to your long-distance lover can encompass more than just a letter. Pick out an inexpensive romantic book and print out a few of your mate's favorite poems. With a box cutter, cut out the pages of the book to create an impression. Stick the ring inside of the hole. Place the poems inside of the book with the final message, "Will you marry me?" When your mate opens the book, she'll see the poems and then move them aside to reveal the ring.

Another snail mail option is to take photographs of various single letters in order to spell out "Will you marry me?" Add a photo at the end of yourself on your knee holding a ring. Arrange the letters in order and send her the pictures, along with the ring.

Propose via Technology

Use pictures and your favorite song to put together a video professing your love to your significant other. At the end of the song, have the video say, "Will you marry me?" Send her the link, telling her how "funny" the video is that you want her to watch.

Propose via web cam—or when you're in town, sneak a podcast of you proposing onto her iPod without her knowing.

Surprise Visit Proposal

If you have the means, plan a trip to where your mate lives. At least 30 minutes before you arrive, have a friend set up a scavenger hunt for your partner. Start with a text message leading her to the next clue. Clues could include flowers, candy and love letters. You will be the final clue, down on one knee, ring in hand.