Cute Things to Do for Your Wife While You Are Away

Work often calls many men away from home overnight or longer. However, being away for a while does not mean you can't keep the romance alive with your wife. Use your imagination and create cute things to do for her that will let her know you care and that you always have her on your mind.

Gift Basket

While you're traveling, collect special items from different locales that your wife would enjoy. For example, if she is fond of Mackinac Island fudge and you visit the island on your trip, get a package of the treat for her basket. Once you have collected a special item from each place you visit, line a basket with silk or other nice fabric, put your items in the basket and present it to her when you get back home.


Each day you are gone, send her a special message from your cell phone. Use your cell phone camera to take a picture of the scenery and send her the picture in a text with a personalized message. Think of messages that correspond to the scenery but also have a special meaning to her; for example, "This place reminds me of where we spent our honeymoon -- thinking of you."

Love Letters

Rarely do people take the time to send handwritten love letters anymore. However, you can send your wife a touch of old fashioned romance by penning her a letter every day you are away. Use stationery and write about your travels, as well as your thoughts of her. Mail one letter each day of your trip so that each time your wife opens the mailbox, a letter from you awaits.


Purchase one flower for each day that you will be away and attach short notes or love poems to the stems of the flowers with ribbon. Leave the flowers with one of her co-workers that you trust to carry out your mission. Ask the co-worker to place one flower on your wife's desk each morning before she arrives at the office so that she will find a gift from you at the beginning of every day.