How to Show a Woman You Are Thinking About Her

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There's a fine line between showing a woman you are thinking about her and crossing into stalker territory. Show that special someone that she is on your mind in thoughtful ways, being careful not to seem threatening or over the top. This will show her that you are someone who is considerate and creative and someone she might like to spend more time with.

A Gift of Service

Do something for her. Show her that she's on your mind -- and that you know her pretty well -- by doing something for her to make her life a little bit easier. If you know she hates to cook, do the cooking for her, or send her a catered meal. Or tell her that you'll pick up the kids from school so she can relax after work. If you know she's been searching for a new car, do some of the research for her and send her the links to the ads. Offer to help her with a task, home repair or landscaping project. A gift of service will go a long way toward showing her that you care.

A Gift of Love

Many women love to get small gifts, and one way to show a woman that you are thinking of her is to send her a small gift. What the gift is will depend a lot upon your relationship. If it is a romantic relationship, for example, you might want to send her a small piece of jewelry or a bouquet of roses. A more casual relationship might necessitate a smaller bouquet of spring blooms or a gift card to a local coffee shop. Or send her something more personal -- a beautiful seashell that reminds you of how graceful she is, an old edition of a favorite book with an inscription written inside, or a poem or song you wrote yourself.

A Gift of Words

Love notes are a timeless way to show a woman that you are thinking of her, but you don't have to be in a romantic relationship to send a gift of words. Everyone appreciates a kind note. Be as specific as possible in the note and avoid cliches. Tell her that you appreciate her and why -- in fact, the more a couple shows appreciation to each other, the happier they are in the relationship, according to University of Florida psychologist and author Laurie B. Mintz, in a Psychology Today article "The Power of Appreciation." A text is not quite as meaningful as a handwritten note, but even a sweet, heartfelt text can go a long way toward letting her know you care. And if she texts back, be sure to reply as soon as possible.

A Gift of Time

Nothing says you are thinking about a woman more than taking the time to actually be with her. If you really want her to know you are thinking about her, be there physically for her: It's one thing to say you wish you could be with her, and quite another to just do it. Rearrange your schedule, take a day off or forgo that ball game with your friends. Then use that time to do what she wants to do. If the relationship is healthy or has potential, she will return the favor. If you absolutely can't be there for her in person, a phone call will work, but be sure to call her when you say you are going to call her and try not to rush the call. Take the time to have a meaningful conversation and really listen when it's her turn to talk.