What Kinds of Gifts Do You Give a Woman for Her 32nd Birthday?

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When getting a gift for a woman who is turning 32, there are no limits, as long as the gift is creative and in good taste. Although you can always buy her jewelry or a gift card to her favorite clothing retailer, think outside the box -- buy her a gift that reflects her personality and interests in a more personal way.

Personalized Photo Album

Give your loved one or friend a personalized photo album filled with photos that you and she took together over the years. Include old restaurant receipts, concert bulletins or tickets, or illustrations that symbolize your gratitude for her presence in your life. On the first page of the album, write a short handwritten message along with some funny quotes she's known for saying.

Basket of Pampering Supplies

For the woman who enjoys going to a spa, create a gift basket filled with a few varieties of nail polish, a manicure and pedicure set, foot scrubs, face creams, body wash, perfumes and specialty bath soaps. Include a personalized greeting card with a picture of her on the front.

Wine Tasting

If your friend enjoys good wine and wants to learn more about it, take her to an upcoming local wine tasting. In addition, give her a gift card to her favorite wine store and a small basket of fruits and cheeses she can enjoy with her purchases.

Costume Jewelry

For the loved one who likes big, bold and unique pieces of jewelry, purchase some costume jewelry. Visit local vintage stores and flea markets to find the retro-inspired earrings, bangles, necklaces or rings that simply scream her.