Birthday Gift Ideas for 16-Year-Old Girls

Jack Hollingsworth/Photodisc/Getty Images

Teenage girls often change their minds about what’s hot and not on a regular basis, making it tricky to find the perfect gift. Her Sweet 16th is a milestone occasion as she is beginning to mature into a young woman. Take note of her passions and interests and find a gift to cater to these. From fashion to technology, choosing a gift is easy once you have established the things she enjoys.

Pamper Products

Teen girls are beginning to experiment with new make-up trends and beauty products. Create a gift basket filled with items required for an evening of pampering, such as lotions, bath bombs, cleansers and face masks. Choose products which are suitable for sensitive skin and feature natural ingredients. Alternatively, a small purse filled with a few essential makeup items such as lip glosses or nail varnishes will be a useful gift that she can use for social occasions.


There are a whole range of gadgets available that cater to different teen personality types. For girls who struggle to get out of bed for school, purchase an alarm clock with wheels that will fall off her bedside table in the mornings. If she is a music lover, a new MP3 player with lots of memory capacity or speakers will be a welcomed treat. For the book worm, purchase an ebook device which will allow her to download and read books on the way to school or during long car journeys.

Fashion Gift Certificate

Our teenage years are when we discover what clothes suit us, how to dress for our body and develop individual tastes. Purchase a gift certificate for her favorite clothes store so that she can select a new dress, purse or knit cardigan. Whether she prefers to stand out from the crowd, wear classic pieces or cutting-edge fashion items, a gift certificate will allow her the freedom to choose what she really wants.

Magazine Subscription

For a gift that will continue, even after her Sweet 16th birthday bash, purchase a magazine subscription on her behalf. Her favorite magazine delivered to her door each week or month will be a gift that she can enjoy throughout the year. The beauty of a magazine subscription is that it is available to suit almost any interest or hobby from fashion, celebrity gossip, music, horseback riding or extreme sports.