How to Deal with an Oversensitive Girlfriend

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Insecurities with your girlfriend may stem from a hurtful incidence. If a woman hasn't received the right kind of treatment from a man in the past, she may become overly sensitive when a new guy enters her life. If your girlfriend is oversensitive, strengthen her self-confidence with compliments and avoid criticism of any kind. As she feels better about herself and more secure in your acceptance of her, she may not feel the need to portray such sensitivity. Your relationship then can grow normally without the fear of any minor argument or critique creating a rift between you two.

Ask your girlfriend if she needs to talk about something when you see that she's become overly upset about a certain issue. Women may allow insecurities from a past experience to seep into their current relationships. Provide her with your undivided attention so she'll feel comfortable with sharing what's bothering her.

Avoid implying or saying comments in a critical fashion. An oversensitive girlfriend will take even the slightest constructive criticism as a personal attack. Abstain from using a harsh tone or any sort of physical roughness with an oversensitive girlfriend. Use an assertive, yet nurturing voice when issues need to be addressed.

Add extra romance into the relationship. Small romantic acts like sending sweet text messages will make your girlfriend feel special. Maintain a positive attitude and romantic spirit to help your oversensitive girlfriend smile and feel good about herself.

Nurture your partner's ego to build her self-confidence and make her less sensitive. Compliment her looks, the way she dresses or the thoughtfulness of her gifts to you. Support hobbies that make her happy, and offer encouragement for her school- or work-related projects.