Funny Care Package Ideas

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Sending a care package, especially when it's unexpected, is a brilliant way to show you miss and are thinking about the recipient. If the recipient is under a lot of stress or needs a laugh, a funny care package can help raise his spirits and remind him that there is someone in his life who genuinely cares.

Clothing & Accessories

Your loved one will think of you every time he sees the goofy T-shirt or socks you bought him. For a video game enthusiast, send a pair of boxers decorated with Super Mario or Donkey Kong. For a golfer, send a hot pink beret or a pair of loud, plaid golfing shorts. You can find three-packs of silly-looking socks at dollar stores that feature cartoon characters or holiday themes. Visit a large discount retailer for shirts with funny sayings on them, such as "That's what she said."


Send your loved one a funny poster for her wall. Get a disposable camera and take pictures of yourself and her family members making silly faces. Then, send her the camera with a sticky note that says "Develop me!" Draw a picture of the recipient as a superhero, battling exams, sickness, unemployment or stress. Send her a pillow in the likeness of her favorite candy or an inflatable "boyfriend" or cartoon character.


Make a video of yourself and the recipient's friends or family "roasting" him. Even though you're making fun, your comments should be good-natured and affectionate, which will make the recipient laugh and enjoy the video. Visit a large discount retailer and buy a mini library of comedy DVDs or a DVD box set of the recipient's favorite stand-up comedian. Or, ask the recipient to send you his MP3 player. Fill it with funny podcasts and send it back in your care package.

Kid Stuff

Even adults love to play with toys. Send a set of water guns to a college student for "shooting" annoying roommates. Make a "target" of a frustrated loved one's boss and attach it to a dart board with darts. Send a variety of classic toys, such as Silly Putty, a whoopee cushion and fake glasses with a nose and mustache attached. Or, send a DVD of the recipient's favorite cartoon or kids' movie. She'll laugh and relax while remembering childhood.