Gifts for Kids With Cancer

Kids with cancer deserve every comfort and bit of fun the adults in their lives can afford to give them while they fight this difficult disease. Gifts for kids with cancer must be chosen with care, keeping the needs of these special kids in mind. Toys and other activities can help the kids stave off boredom while they get the rest they need, and practical items can make their lives more comfortable.

Huggable Toys

Stuffed animals appeal to almost all children. Having a lovable furry animal to hold and cuddle with is a comfort to a child during difficult times, and the softer and more hug-able the toy, the better. Dolls are appealing to little girls for the same reason, and the child can pretend the doll is undergoing the same treatments and procedures, helping to ease the stress and fear she may feel.

Active Toys

All children need toys to keep them busy and help them develop their imaginations and fine motor skills. Kids with cancer need small portable toys they can carry around to doctor’s offices or hospitals and play with while they are resting in bed or just relaxing at home. Small building sets such as Legos or K’nex or play sets such as Playmobil or Littlest Pet Shop are sure to be a hit. Puzzles, board games, Play-doh, and art supplies such as markers, finger paints, coloring books, and crayons are good options as well. Older children might enjoy craft sets such as bead or friendship bracelet kits.


Children enjoy interesting story books, puzzle books, magazines, and nonfiction books about their favorite subjects. Many children enjoy books with pictures or stories about animals. Small, handheld electronic games can provide hours of entertainment and make great gifts. Other gifts could include DVDs, audio books, and MP3 players so they can listen to their favorite music.

Practical Gifts

Special pajamas with a matching blanket, homemade quilts or crocheted throws, and soft, attractive pillows can make life more comfortable. All types of head coverings such as bandannas, baseball caps, and knit caps can come in handy. Gift certificates to major retail stores can provide the opportunity to choose their own items and make especially good gifts for children the giver may not know well.