Care Package Ideas for Sisters

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Sisters can spend hours talking about nothing or laughing at a joke that no one else gets. Sending a care package lets your sister know you care, makes her feel better or lets her know you are thinking about her. There are several types of care packages you can send your sister--for the college student, for a soldier, for the mom-to-be or just because.

Student Care Package

Being a student away from home, your sister can feel homesick and excited about her independence all at once. You can send her sentimental items such as photos, old toys and her favorite foods to remind her of pleasant memories from home. If the two of you watched "Titanic" repeatedly as children, you can include that movie on DVD. You also can send items to remind her that she is a young woman on her own with the world at her feet. That may be the red nail polish that Mom would never let the girls wear growing up, or a gift card that she can use at her discretion. Food and cash are always a favorite gift with college students.

Soldier Care Package

Having your sister away in the military is stressful, as you worry about her safety. While she's away, you want her to know that she is loved and that you expect her back safely. In addition to sentimental items such as photos and letters, you can send inspirational items such as spiritual books to lift her spirits, or comic books to make her laugh. Because the technological capabilities vary in military camps and soldiers may be on the move, send items that are perishable, may be left behind and need limited resources to be used. Pre-paid cell phones, junk food, CDs and playing cards are a popular gift with soldiers.


When you find out your sister is pregnant, you may not be close enough to give her a hug, but you can send a care package. This is the last time for at least 18 years that your sister will have to focus on herself, so send her items that allow her to pamper herself: nail polish, bubble bath, etc. If you have been pregnant, you can send her the things that you wish someone had given you: books, blankets, your favorite craving snacks.

Just Because

You don't need a reason to send your sister a care package; just let her know you love her. If she had a bad breakup, lost her job or is going through a bad time, you know better than anyone what makes her feel better. Send your sister her favorite snacks, her favorite music and her favorite movies. Send her reminders of inside jokes and good times.