What Is the Proper Thing to Do With Flowers After the Funeral?

There aren't set rules for what to do with funeral flowers after the funeral. Their fate largely depends on the family of the deceased. Beyond displaying the flowers at the gravesite, consider taking some arrangements home and giving remaining ones to friends or other people who are bereaved.

Transport Flowers to the Gravesite

As the bereaved, you will not have to worry about getting the flowers to your loved one's gravesite. A funeral director is in charge of collecting the arrangements and transporting the flowers. Therefore, funeral attendees should "avoid sending flowers on the last day, since a late delivery can be a hassle for the funeral director as he prepares to take all of the flowers to the burial site," writes Simple Sympathy, a website about sending flowers. The cemetery grounds keeper is in charge of removing flowers once they wilt.

Take Flowers Home

The bereaved may want to take some flowers home. Wreathes and casket sprays may feel awkward on display at home, but it is appropriate to fill a living room with funeral flowers especially if the bereaved is hosting a receiving party at his or her home with food and drinks.

Give Flowers Away

Funeral flowers are expensive, and funeral expenses create a burden for bereaved families--especially when death come unexpectedly. It is acceptable to give flower arrangements to funeral attendees or to donate them to the funeral home, which can give the arrangements to a family in need.