How to Put Artificial Flowers on Cakes

If you want to decorate your cake with flowers, then choosing to use artificial flowers may be the right decorative decision. Silk flowers are beneficial to cake decorators. They do not require watering, will not wilt once placed on the cake and can be bought during any season. Using artificial flowers on cakes requires less preparation when compared to using real flowers. Artificial flowers are often inexpensive, and you can buy them in bulk to use for many decorating purposes.

Decide on the style and color of silk artificial flowers. Once you have your artificial flowers picked out, lay them across a table.

Begin preparing the artificial flowers for the cake. Dust off the flowers, and even run them under warm water. Remove any dirt or debris that may be sticking to the flowers before placing them onto your cake.

Remove the stems from the flowers. Leave some of the stem attached to the flower if you want the stem to show through on the cake. Discard all of the artificial flower stems that you removed.

Place floral tape around the ends of the flower stems. The floral tape can secure flowers together, and prevents the wire from staying in the cake when you remove the flowers. Use the floral tape to create a floral corsage for the cake.

Secure the artificial flowers to ivy to create a realistic appearance on the cake. Use the ivy to connect the cake tiers, if you have more than two tiers on your cake.

Place the flowers in a foam flower holder. Use this foam piece as a topper for the cake. Remove the foam piece once you begin serving the cake to your guests.

Put the artificial flowers directly on the cake. Add the silk flowers no more than 5 hours before serving the cake to prevent the flowers from sinking into the cake.

Add the artificial flowers to decorate the cake. Place the silk flowers between cake tiers, around the outside edge of the cake, or around the cake.