How to Decorate Cakes with Lights

Adding lights to a cake gives it an ethereal feeling and a sense of magic at the wedding. Although the process is fairly simple, preparation is key, so make sure you leave yourself plenty of time to work on your project. Some wedding couples prefer that their wedding be as unique as possible, and adding lights to the cake is definitely an option. However, you can use this technique on practically any cake, even single layer cakes.

Bake the cake in the flavor of your choice and ice it with the icing that you prefer.

Put assorted flowers on the cake in a pleasing arrangement. Larger flowers should be on the bottom layer, with smaller flowers up higher on the cake. Ensure that you are using pesticide free flowers and greenery, or opt for plastic materials.

Freeze the cake and flowers for at least six hours in a large freezer. This will ensure that the lights do not damage the finish of the cake.

Clean your battery operated plastic coated rope lights with a damp rag and a small amount of soap. Wipe the rope lights clean with a separate damp cloth to remove any soap that is left and allow the rope lights to dry completely.

Set the cake in the area where it will be served. Arrange more flowers around the bottom of the cake to make it look more natural.

Position the battery pack of the rope lights at the back side of the cake. Press the rope lights into the bottom of the cake and work your way in a spiral fashion around the cake, bringing the lights up to the top. Allow the rope light to rest gently on the icing. Place flowers in strategic positions to enhance the lights.

Insert the free end of the rope lights gently into the icing on the top layer of the cake. Arrange flowers around the end of the rope lights to disguise them.

Ensure that the battery box at the base of the cake is completely covered with flowers. Remember to be very careful when cutting the cake, so that you don’t cut into the rope lights.