55 Year Old Birthday Cake Ideas

Birthday cake image by Nikolay Okhitin from Fotolia.com

A fifty-fifth birthday is a good time to celebrate. Most are at an age where their kids are grown up and have kids of their own. Many can begin to see the joy of retirement coming over the horizon. There has been a whole lifetime of memories to celebrate and a whole lot more yet to be created.

Photo Cake

Give a digital photo to a bakery or ice cream shop and have them apply it to the cake in edible ink. Some companies print and ship edible photos to customers. This is an inexpensive option. Use a picture of the birthday boy or girl with a grandchild, a photo of a grandchild holding a “Happy Birthday” sign, or an older photo of the birthday honoree in younger days. The computer-savvy can design a more intricate, creative photo layout.

Cake Sculpture

If money isn’t an issue, find a cake shop that specializes in creating custom, artistic cakes along the lines of those made on popular television shows like “Ace of Cakes” and “Cake Boss.” These cakes are edible pieces of art and can symbolize a favorite hobby, such as a golf bag; a favorite destination, such as a Hawaiian hula girl; a theme, such as R2D2 from “Star Wars”; or even an endearing object, such as his dog or mustang.

Homemade Cake

If money is an issue, make your own creative cake at home. Purchase a cake pan mold from the store in the shape of a character or object. Numerous online sites give tips and recipes on how to use decorating tips and make your own fondant. Fill a Ziplock bag with icing and cut a small portion of one of the bottom corners to create your own piping bag.

Flower Cake

Buy flowers to decorate a homemade cake or one purchased from a bakery. Choose a bevy of colorful flowers or stick to a limited color scheme. Place the flowers flowing down the side of a multi-layered cake, all at the top, or at various places. Flowers can be made out of fondant or modeling chocolate for edible versions.

Novelty Cakes

A 55th birthday deserves a cake with a little flair. Decorate the cake with nuts or fruit. Cut a cake into thinner layers and create a special filling to go in between the layers, such as chocolate mousse or raspberry filling. Create a special flavored cake, such as a chocolate espresso cake or tiramisu cake. All kinds of cake recipes can be found online.

Numeral Cake

Play off of the significance of the number 55. Cut two cakes into the shape of a five and decorate them any way you wish. Use any other references of 55, such as a speed limit sign.

Humorous Cake

“Over the hill” jokes are heard at age 55. If the birthday boy or girl has a sense of humor, consider a cake poking fun at his age. Purchase “over the hill” items or figurines at a party supply or department store and place them onto the cake, or make the cake into a hill or a cemetery or gravestone.