How to Decorate a Wedding Ceiling With Umbrellas

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Wedding decorations set the theme of the evening. Get creative by turning ordinary objects, such as umbrellas, into works of art. There are many ways to hang umbrellas and the effects can range from whimsical to elegant. Hang your umbrellas in bunches, in a pattern, fill them with flowers, or add lights to them. Step outside the box and personalize your wedding with hanging umbrellas to create a wedding wonderland your guests will always remember.

Umbrella Clusters

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Select umbrellas in a variety of sizes. Use colors that will work with your wedding decor. Consider using your wedding colors or all white for a chic effect. Scour secondhand stores for cheap umbrellas and spray paint them your desired colors for a budget friendly option.

Plan out your clusters of umbrellas. Decide if you want multiple groups of umbrellas or just one large ceiling centerpiece. If you are doing multiple formations, create a selections of umbrellas that look good together. Tie these together as this will save time when you hang them.

Hang your umbrellas, handle side up, at your wedding location. If you are using a full service venue, ask them to hang them and supervise to ensure it fits your vision. Group umbrellas together in different lengths so they cluster together.

Umbrella Lights

Collect light colored umbrellas to suspend from the ceiling.

Decide where to hang your umbrellas. Place one above each table, a number of them over the dance floor, or randomly spread them across the room.

Hang your umbrellas handle side up with string lights. Coil or cluster the remaining lights in the umbrella. If you do not like the look of the bare string lights hanging from the ceiling, remove the exposed light bulbs or wrap that portion in fabric.

Umbrella Bouquets

Pick out a selection of paper parasols to fill with flowers. The vase shape they create when half opened work well for standing flowers in. Use umbrellas for dramatic arrangements with hanging vines that spill over.

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Collect an arrangement of flowers. Dried flowers and artificial flowers work best as they are lighter and less likely to make the umbrellas unbalanced. Choose your flowers in colors that complement your wedding design.

Hang your umbrellas, handles facing up, in different lengths. Some should be eye-level so that guests can appreciate the flower arrangements. Hang your umbrellas with vines higher. Fill your umbrellas with your flowers and arrange them in a pleasing manner.