How to Make a Cake Board

Cake boards provide sturdy bases for cakes and are often used in large layer cakes to provide stability to each tier. They also provide a base on which cakes can be decorated and then directly set onto serving platters without fear of damaging the cake during the transfer. Cake boards may be purchased in both reusable and disposable varieties, although creating a cake board at home is a simple and easy process.

Place the cake pan you will be using onto the piece of thick cardboard and trace around the pan.

Remove the pan from the cardboard and add a one inch border all the way around the outline of the pan.

Cut the cake board out of the cardboard using scissors or a utility knife. The cake board should be two inches wider and two inches longer than the cake.

Tear off a sheet of aluminum foil large enough to cover the board with at least one inch of overlap on each side. You may need more than one piece of aluminum foil to do this.

Set the cake board down on the aluminum foil and fold the aluminum foil over the sides of the cake board. Use the tape to secure the aluminum foil to the back of the cake board.

Turn the cake board over so the shiny side is up. When you finish baking the cake, carefully place it in the center of the cake board. There should be a one inch border all around the cake.