How to Make Your Girlfriend Feel Protected

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Showing your girlfriend how much you care and making her feel safe can seem confusing to some men. The is sometimes a conundrum with women, who on one hand want to be viewed as independent yet want to feel protected and safe in the presence of their men. There are several steps you can take as a boyfriend to make your woman feel protected without compromising her independence.

Hold your girlfriend's hand when you are in public or private. The physical closeness and warmth from your hand will make your girlfriend feel safe and protected, especially if you are walking or driving at night.

Buy your girlfriend a dog if she lives alone. Dogs are known to be protecting animals, and having a dog at home when you aren't there can help your girlfriend feel safer. You can also install an alarm system in her home if she isn't an animal lover or is unable to have a dog at her place (if she rents).

Open doors, pull out chairs and engage in otherwise chivalrous acts for your girlfriend. While it may seem old-fashioned, these gestures demonstrate care and concern, all of which will make your girlfriend feel protected.

Tell her every day how much she means to you and how much you love and care for her. These words can be powerful and will make her feel not only special and loved, but protected and safe when she is with you (and even when you are not there).

Cuddle with your girlfriend during a scary movie. It might seem corny, but the gesture will mean a lot, especially if she isn't a fan of that movie genre and is watching it for you.

Take your girlfriend's side during an argument with family and friends. This is especially important if she is right. Taking her side and standing up for her to others you care about will help her realize how important she is to you, further making her feel safe and protected.

Defend your girlfriend's honor, if necessary. This does not mean resorting to a physical fight, but you might need to verbally ask someone to back off or set someone straight if he gets out of line and says something inappropriate. Your girlfriend will likely appreciate the gesture.