How to Know If Your Girlfriend Is Still Attracted to You?

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You may be sure of your girlfriend's love for you, but whether or not she is still attracted to you is another matter entirely. A lot of women may care deeply for a partner but feel no passion toward him, says practicing clinical psychologist Noam Shpancer, Ph.D. in a Psychology Today article. If you are worried that your girlfriend is no longer attracted to you, but are too embarrassed to ask her outright, you can look for subtle cues. You can discover quite a bit about a partner's feelings simply by paying attention to her body language.

Step 1

Observe your girlfriend's facial expressions and movements when she talks to you. If she smiles frequently, widens her eyes and maintains eye contact, these are signs of her interest in you. Another sign of attraction is if she covers her face with her hands and giggles. This is an age-old courting tactic, notes Helen E. Fisher in her book, "Anatomy of Love."

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Make eye contact with your girlfriend and see how she responds. If she holds your gaze and smiles, or approaches you for an embrace, you can be confident of her attraction to you. Your girlfriend's eyes scanning your face is another positive sign, says couples counselor Elly Prior on her website. Signs of a lack of interest include looking away immediately and leaving the room. If your girlfriend is confused about her feelings for you, she may drop her gaze and start fidgeting nervously or biting her nails.

Step 3

Check out your girlfriend's body movements. If they tend to mimic yours, such as walking in sync, this signifies attraction. Consider how often she touches you. Couples with a deep attraction tend to be tactile with each other, notes Prior. Invite your girlfriend to join you on the sofa to watch television. If she sits close to you and puts her arm around you, holds your hand or drapes her legs over yours, you shouldn't doubt her attraction to you. A potential cause for concern, on the other hand, is if she sits as far away from you as possible.

Step 4

Get intimate with your girlfriend. If she responds willingly, trust that she is attracted to you. If you feel as if she is simply going through the motions, you may have a problem. If your girlfriend regularly rejects your sexual advances and never initiates sexual intimacy herself, she may not be attracted to you anymore.