Traits for Gemini Women That Are Married

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Gemini is an air sign, ruled by the planet Mercury. The word mercurial can give insight into the Gemini personality: animated and lively, but fickle and easily bored. Many people find Geminis fascinating and attractive, but difficult to deal with in long-term relationships. Gemini women are a challenge to any man who expects them to be docile, domestic and obedient.


A Gemini wife will want time to play and have fun. If you try to make her spend all your weekends together taking care of household chores, she will become irritated and bored. Carry the zest of your early relationship into your marriage by allowing time for the two of you to have fun together. For some Gemini women, the emphasis on play precludes an interest in practical things, so the spouse should be prepared to take care of matters such as doing taxes.


If you define marital loyalty as never looking at another person after the wedding ceremony, do not marry a Gemini. Geminis love to flirt. The attention they get this way is as necessary to them as air. To Geminis, flirting does not constitute infidelity, so have a strong enough ego to accept this as part of her personality. Also, be sure you continue to flirt with her instead of letting all your married conversations be about bill payments and whether the house needs a new septic tank.


Think of Coyote from Native American lore, Brer Rabbit from African American folktales, Loki from Norse mythology or other trickster figures to understand Gemini behavior. Geminis often have a tendency to say and do things that shock people. Although to some people this may seem inconsiderate, to a Gemini woman this is a natural expression of her personality.


Marrying a Gemini means a lifelong conversation. For Geminis, words form an emotional bridge and can even be a playful style of sexual foreplay. If you see yourself as the strong, silent type or if you prefer to commune silently with the cosmos, think twice before wedding a Gemini. She will want to discuss the books or magazine articles she reads with you. She will expect you to keep in touch by phone, e-mail and texts when one of you travels for business.