Role Play Games for Couples

Couple contemplating in bed

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While you may find it difficult to dismiss your feelings of apprehension and allow your partner to enter your fantasy world, you will find it worth your while in the end. Role play allows couples to explore endless possibilities, be playful with each other and act out the forbidden, as well as increase the level of communication and intimacy in their relationship. Start talking, figure out a scene, set some basic safety guidelines, relax and enjoy.

Heating Things Up

The master/servant role play is a common one for many couples. Overall, dominant males and female submissives are the most common variation of this role play, according to Ogi Ogas, Ph.D., in his article, "Sexualpedia 6: Why Do I Like to Role Play in the Bedroom?" on Psychology Today. Use your imagination and begin slowly with some light bondage for your submissive, perhaps a blindfold and a set of rules and duties she must comply with. If the two of you enjoy this scene, you can increase the intensity of your play the next time. If desired, mix light, erotic touch with gentle physical punishment such as a spanking to heighten the senses by alternating pleasure and pain, whether your servant fails to comply or not. You may also choose to use a collar and/or leash to take temporary ownership of your servant.

The Night We Met

Recapture your earlier days through role play. Have your partner meet you at the same local bar, club or restaurant the two of you often frequented. Flirt, talk as if you were strangers, allow your passion to take over and eventually go home with each other. You can vary this scene by pretending your partner is your mistress, a one-night stand or someone you know is "forbidden" to be with. The male can also pretend his partner is a dominatrix and he becomes her sex slave, as this allows the female to act out her sexual fantasy of taking control, suggests therapist Dr. Laura Berman in the article "10 Sexual Fantasies for Women" on the Everyday Health website.

Someone's Been Naughty

It is not uncommon for those who follow the rules on a daily basis to have a longing to unleash the "naughty one" inside, according to Berman. Creating a scenario where one of you has been caught red-handed breaking the rules and is then punished for it can also serve as foreplay. Be sure to discuss how you will be punished and the intensity as well as a safe word that can be used to stop the play should things become too emotionally or physically intense for your liking.

Dress the Part

Dressing in a uniform or costume might make it a bit easier for you and your partner to play your given roles. Perhaps, the female dresses up as a sexy teacher or a naughty schoolgirl who needs to be taught a lesson by the headmaster of the school. Add a desk, chalkboard or notebook and pencil to have your naughty charge write the reasons for her indiscretions. Dressing up as police officers or nurses and doctors can spice up things in the bedroom. The nurse or doctor may have to do a thorough examination on his patient and be unable to hold back. A police officer can take her partner as her prisoner, forcing him to touch her where and when she pleases. Costumes can enhance your role play, allowing your fantasies to explode.