How to Get a Girlfriend at 14

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Fourteen-year-old students are the youngest in high schools where dating may occur frequently. While some 14-year-old boys are ready to get a girlfriend, others wait until they are older. Trying to get a girlfriend can be nerve wracking, especially for inexperienced freshmen, since there is always the possibility of getting rejected. Nevertheless, careful planning, a positive attitude, an approachable manner and a willingness to try will make it easier to successfully get the girl you want.

Getting A Girlfriend

Identify a potential girlfriend. Observe the girls in school and decide which one you like. Casually make sure she is available. Watch who she spends time with and try to determine whether she has a boyfriend.

Spend time with her. This may involve sitting near her in class or talking to her in the hallway or at lunch. If she rides your bus, you can chat with her on the bus or while waiting for it. Talk to her about her interests. If she is on a sports team or involved in a club, these can be conversation starters.

Make eye contact with her and notice whether she seems comfortable. If she ends the conversation quickly or acts anxious to leave, you may not want to pursue her as a girlfriend.

Ask her if she would like to join you in a group activity. Inviting her out in a group eliminates the possibility of a personal rejection and lets you know whether she is interested.

Forge a friendship by paying attention to her during the group date. Be interested in what she says. End the evening by indicating it would be fun to go out again.

Invite her to school sports events or activities you are attending. As you see each other more frequently, you may gradually become a couple. Socialize, but remember you are only 14 so do not push physical intimacy.