Games for Teen Couples

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A young relationship needs time to grow and develop. One way teens can get to know each other better and enjoy their time together is by playing a game. The term "game" can cover a wide range of potential activities, such as board games, video games or made up on the spot games.

Karaoke or Dance Video Games

Video games that either have karaoke or dancing are great games for teen couples to enjoy and laugh about. Teens can sing songs as a duet and try to get the high score or can battle it out dancing to their favorite love song in versus mode. There are several options in karaoke or dance video games available for most gaming systems, such as the "Rock Band" franchise, "Dance Dance Revolution" and "Just Dance."

Play Favorite Childhood Games

Childhood games might be a little silly for a couple, but it can help the teens get to know each other and enjoy a good board game as well. For example, play "Candyland" and race to the end. To make the game more interesting, have the loser share an interesting, silly or embarrassing fact or event from when he was young.

Classic Board Games

Games like "Monopoloy" or "Scrabble" are classic games that are an option for any teen couple to play in the living room. Not only do the games require skill and luck, but they allow the couple to play a game, talk to each other and problem solve to get through the game. The couple can bring in family members or make the game a double date with a friend and her date to make the game more fun.

Prince Charming

"Prince Charming" is a couple's group game, so it requires several couples. Get all the friends together. Put a group of chairs in a circle so there is one for every couple. The girls sit in the chair and boys kneel in front of them. The boys then take off the girl's shoe and throw it into the middle. Girls put a blindfold on the boys and the boys must find their princess's shoe and bring it back to her.