Games for a Married Couples Retreat

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Sometimes married couples go through a down phase in their relationship. Things can seem to become monotonous, they might constantly argue or it might seem as if things have become loveless. When this occurs, couples can turn to a marriage retreat to revisit their relationship and re-spark the fire. At these retreats, games are often used as a way to break the ice to help couples to reconnect with one another.

Remeber When

With this game, couples remember the first time the saw one another or their first date. Each person is provided with a piece of paper and a pen. In a two-minute time period, individuals write down all the things they remember feeling when they first met their significant other. At the end of the time period, a bell is sounded and couples share what they have written about one another. This activity will help to re-light the spark in a marriage as partners remember the beginning of their romance and why they were attracted to one another.

About Me

A partner's knowledge of the another is playfully tested with this game. One person asks the other a question that relates to her: for example, what is my favorite shirt, how do I like my steak cooked or who is my favorite author. If the person being questioned knows the answer, he supplies it, but if he doesn't know the answer, he simply states that he doesn't and his spouse encouragingly informs him. The object of this game is not to get frustrated with one another but to get to know a little more about one another.

Count on Me

Married couples race one another in this game. A starting point and an ending point are determined before the race. Couples stand on one another's feet and race to cross the finish line. It's a silly game that gets partners to work together while having a good time. Though the couple who crosses the finish line might be the game's actual winner, in the end all are winners because they are spending quality time together in a lighthearted way.

The Married Couples Game

Play a spin-off of the classic "Newlywed Game." Before playing, couples are asked a set of questions, and their answers are recorded. During the game, spouses are asked the same questions, but they must answer the way they think their significant other answered. For example, a husband might be asked what his favorite dinner is; during the game, his wife is asked what her husband's favorite dinner is. Questions for this game can be simple and silly or a bit more deep; either way, the object of the game is to get couples to share what they know about one another. A point is awarded for each question that is correctly answered, and the winning couple is awarded a small token.