How to Cheer People Up When They Are Angry

by Luisa Vergara

Being around someone in a funk can alter your own mood. You might become his punching bag or need to seek someone else out for companionship. By taking action and making the person smile, everyone involved wins. Putting on a funny movie isn't enough to cheer someone up. You need to entertain him. No need to worry if you’re not a comedian; anyone can turn a frown upside down.

Force him to smile. Tickle him; it's considered the strongest stimulus to produce laughter. Use your index and middle fingers. Place them in his armpits and begin to wiggle. He may loosen up and change his mood to playful.

Gather a group of friends and play a game. Some people want to forget their problems instead of discussing it. Play a kid's game, such as hula-hoop, Monopoly, or truth or dare.

Perform a ridiculous one-man comedy show. Trap her in a room with the door behind you. Perform the following: sing a favorite song of hers in a screechy voice, dance like an animal (such as a chicken, bird or bull) to an upbeat song and tell "knock knock" jokes. She may be amused by your effort and laugh.

Listen to his problem. Tell him you understand. Get him to identify his emotion. According to human development specialist Dr. D. Wayne Matthews, “… Describing a feeling often initiates a discussion that will improve the relationship with another person.” Once someone listens to him, he may calm down and talk about another topic.


  • Your main goal is to get her to temporally forget her problem and let go.
  • Do not tell him he's wrong to be angry; instead show him the facts, so he can come to that conclusion.

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