Christian Games for a Wedding Reception

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Celebrate your faith by having Christian-based games at your wedding. Family friendly games can fun and entertaining, and also provide a wonderful opportunity for your guests to learn more about each other. By choosing several different games, everyone has a chance to show off their knowledge of Bible trivia or popular Christian songs.

Bable Scavenger Hunt

Give each table a Bible, paper and pens. Announce a specific topic such as marriage or wife. Set a timer for five minutes and have the guests at each table work together to find the most references in their Bible to that topic. The team who finds the most, wins.

Biblical Couples

Pass out paper and pencil to each guest at the wedding. Choose to have guests play as individuals or as a team. The object of the game to name as many biblical couples as possible. The person or groups who names the most, wins the game.

Name That Tune

Have the emcee, disc jockey or even a friend of family preload a selection of popular Christian songs. Have the guests at two different tables to stand up. Play just a snippet of a song and challenge the guests to be the first to name the tune. The first group to get three songs right, wins that round. Have a playoff, with the three best teams competing against each other.

Who Knows You Best?

Have the three couples who have been married the longest come up front to compete with the bride and groom. Have the wives on one side of the room and the husbands on the other. Give each person a piece of paper and a pen. Ask wives simple questions, such as "What is your husband's favorite bible verse," or "what color is his toothbrush?" Each wife must write down her guess, while her husband writes down the real answer. Play a second round with the husbands answering questions about their wives. The couple who gets the most answers correct, wins the game.