Games for Mother of the Bride Luncheon

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A party for the mother of the bride is a wonderful occasion to celebrate the woman who made the happy day possible. Party games are great icebreakers, and are important when longtime friends are meeting the new in-laws, or for out-of-town family who don't know your work colleagues. Play two or three games at most so you can give guests time to socialize.

Photo Caption

Blow up a candid picture of the mother of the bride and the engaged couple, and hold it up so everyone can see it. Do not explain what really happened in the picture. Have each person or table write a caption for the picture, such as "So? Who cares if you won the lottery? When do I get some grandchildren!" Give a prize for the funniest caption, the most touching caption and the most accurate caption.

The Newlywed Game

Make up a list of multiple choice questions about the future of the new couple that the bride has to answer. A sample question might be "There's a fire in your new apartment and you can only save one thing. Will you save a) your wedding photos, b) your important papers, c) his cat, d) your mom's pearl necklace." Before the party, have the bride and groom answer every question as they think their spouse-to-be will. At the party, everyone has to answer the questions as they believe the bride did. Give a prize for who knows the bride best.

Mother of the Bride Dress

Divide the party into two groups. Give each group three rolls of toilet paper, and a roll of tape. Each group has twenty minutes to create a dress with the toilet paper that the mother of the bride could wear to the wedding. The dress that the mother of the bride likes best wins a prize.