Fun Engagement Party Activities, Games & Memorabilia

Woman showing off engagement ring

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Are you throwing an engagement party for two friends who have fallen in love? Make your party a fun, entertaining and memorable affair with interactive games, special toasts and delicious take-home favors that blend the couple's style with their story. Let the couple know ahead of time what you are planning so that you can make sure they are comfortable with the night's events, and get their input on how to make it even more special.

Couple's Game Show

Write questions on slips of paper and take turns asking the bride and groom for the answers. The questions for the bride will be about the groom and vice versa. Assign a scorekeeper and get guests to cheer on the bride and groom. Borrow a rule from "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?" and give the bride and groom chances, or "lifelines," to get help with a question. They can have two of four answer choices taken away, ask one of the party members for help with the question or "phone a friend."

Couple's Trivia

Come up with 10 questions (five for the groom and five for the bride), and print them on card stock. Distribute to all the guests and have them answer the questions. Make sure everyone writes his or her name on the card. Collect the cards and then get the answers from the couple. The guest with the most correct answers wins a prize.

Two Truths-One Lie

This is a fun group game. Distribute slips of paper and pens to every guest. Each guest must write two truths about the bride or groom and one lie on the paper. They also must write their name on the slip of paper. Collect the pieces of paper and put them in a bowl. Draw three names and call those guests to the front of the room. Read one of the truths or the lie aloud--whichever is most interesting to you. Then ask each person to tell you about the statement. The group will vote on who is telling the truth and who is lying.

Toasts to the Couple

Reserve part of the night to pop open a few bottles of champagne and open up the floor to any guests who want to make a toast to the couple, congratulate them, wish them well or tell a special story about them.

Take-Home Cookies

End the party with a take-home cookie for every guest that reflects the couple's tastes or the wedding colors, or has a special touch--like a monogram or a photo of the two made from icing.