Games to Play at a Pleasure Party

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At pleasure parties, the host brings several types of sexual paraphernalia such as dildos, condoms and lotions. These parties are usually filled with females and the games can get quite exciting. Planning fun games keeps the party alive and gets all the guests to interact, as well as a chance at meeting new friends.

Pop Your Cherry

Put a cherry on a plate and cover it with whipped cream. Have all players sit around the table. Give each player a plate and tell her the first player to find and eat her cherry wins the game.

Pass the Vibrator

Guests it in a circle in chairs and the host hands one girl a vibrator with it turned on. When the music starts guests must pass the vibrator around the circle. The person that is holding the vibrator when the music stops, is out of the game. The last person left wins the game.

Balloon Pop Dares

Write down fun dares on small pieces of paper such as do the chicken dance, sing a version of the song “Like a Virgin” by Madonna, give an example of oral sex by using a fruit or vegetable and give your best sexual pleasure noise. On a couple of pieces of paper write, you got lucky—no dare for you. Slip these pieces of paper in balloons and fill the balloons with air. Have at least one balloon for each guest. One at a time a guest has to pick a balloon and pop it, she must do the dare on the paper.

To make the game more fun, put points on the dares and let each girls go a couple of times. If a girl gets a paper that says she got lucky, she does not have to do a dare; however, she will not earn any points. The player with the highest points wins the game.

Condom Race

Players must put a condom on a banana, cucumber or zucchini using only their mouths. On, “go,” each player has to open a condom wrapper and put the condom on the fruit or vegetable. After the condom is unwrapped, players are only allowed to use their mouths to put the condom on. The first player to get the condom on her fruit or vegetable wins the game. This game is even funnier when players are blindfolded.