Spring Party Game Ideas

easter bunnies and easter basket image by Cindy Haggerty from Fotolia.com

The warming weather of spring provides the perfect backdrop for a spring party. While food, decorations and refreshments are all crucial elements of a spring party, so are is the entertainment. Games help keep guests involved and entertained. Choose games that fit the ages of your guests, or plan a few activities that involve both adults and children working together.

Pin the Bee on the Flower

This variation of the classic pin the tail on the donkey game requires a few props, but will keep kids busy during a spring party. The experts at Amazing Moms say to draw a colorful flower on a large piece of poster board. Bees, butterflies and other insects attracted to flowers are cut from construction paper with a piece of double stick tape on one side. Players take turns trying to stick the bee on the flower while blindfolded.

Egg Spoon Race

An egg spoon race encourages guests to get up from their seats and enjoy the spring weather. The Celebrations.com website says that players assemble at the starting line holding an egg balanced on a spoon. They must race to a chosen location and back to the starting line without losing their egg, and cannot hold onto the egg while running. Using hard boiled eggs is generally recommended, especially if the game is to be played indoors.

Pass the Orange

Pass the Orange requires only two oranges to play, but offers hours of laughter and fun. Two teams race to pass an orange between members, according to Party411. Players hold the orange against their chest with their chin, and must maneuver carefully to take the orange from the other player without their hands. A winner is announced when the orange reaches the end of one team's line.

Spring Scavenger Hunt

Spring scavenger hunts appeal mainly to younger guests and take advantage of the common symbols of the season. The experts at Celebrations.com recommend playing this spring party game at an Easter celebration. Hosts should provide their guests with lists of items to find. Use themes such as flower buds, eggs, bunnies, candy, baskets and baby chicks,

Blind Man's Bluff

Blind man's bluff is a classic Victorian garden and parlour game that is perfect for an adult spring party. A blindfolded player attempts to capture other players, according to Old Fashioned Living, and must identify the person they catch. If they guess incorrectly, they continue to search for a guest they recognize. When a guest's identity is correctly guessed, they take the place of the blindfolded player.