How to Host a Good Luck Party


How to Host a Good Luck Party. Here's a question you won't find on Jeopardy: what is the most universal belief in the human race? The answer is "luck." It would be hard to find someone who hasn't experienced it. Whether you've got beginners luck or live next door to lady luck, it's time to celebrate "getting lucky."

Lucky you! Send invites in small red envelopes (a sign of luck in Asian cultures). Along with the date, location and RSVP info, include a penny and text that reads, "Do you feel lucky?" Ask guests to bring a few lucky coins from their change jar to be used in a party game.

Feeling lucky? Place an oversized piggy bank on either side of the front door for guests to see as they arrive. Leave a sign (printed and framed) by each pig stating "One of these pigs is for charity, the other is a your lucky coins in them and let the games begin. Who's still feeling lucky?" Toward the end of the night count the contents of each pig. The one with the most change goes to a charity of your choice; the other pig is a prize for one of the party activities. For other prize ideas, go shopping online (see Additional Resources).

Luck of the draw! Party activity numero uno: use playing cards as coasters. As guests order drinks from the bar/kitchen, pull out the deck, place it face down and have guests choose a card to have as their coaster. The guest with the highest card at the end of the night wins a prize.

A penny for your thoughts! Party activity #2: a heads/tails flip-off. Guests pair up and do a flip off (it's not what it sounds like). Each person gets 5 flips and guesses, and the winner is whoever guesses heads or tails correctly the most. Use process of elimination until there are only 2 guests left...he who wins gets the pig full of change.

Luck is in the air! They say love is a game of chance and since this party is all about getting lucky...I mean being's a game for mingling with the opposite sex. Gather together tokens of good luck and put them in a basket or bowl. Guests pull one out and ask another guest why the token is considered lucky. If that guest does not know the answer, encourage them to bluff, bluff, bluff! Tape the real reason to the bottom of each token. For good luck charm ideas, enter keywords "good luck charms" into a search engine.