Lingerie Bridal Shower Games

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Lingerie bridal showers are known for being over-the-top events where bashful friends of a bride-to-be may not want to set foot. Contrary to popular belief, though, there are a number of games that both fit the theme of a lingerie bridal shower and can fit the comfort level of any crowd, from the timid to those who appreciate risqué humor.

Wear the Teddy

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Also called Pass the Teddy, this game is based on the popular party game Hot Potato. Wrap a box containing a teddy bear in several layers of paper. Seat shower guests in a circle, play some music, and explain that whoever is holding the box when the music stops needs to unwrap one layer of wrapping paper. Whoever unwraps the last layer must model the teddy for the other guests. Hold up a pair of panties that will supposedly be worn with the teddy. When the winner comes back into the room, have a camera ready to capture her carrying a teddy bear in her arms. (See Reference 1)

Balloon Blow Up

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Also called Blow, Blow, Blow, this tame game will likely leave the bride-to-be blushing. After poking a hole in the bride-to-be’s balloon, give each guest a balloon Instruct guests to blow up their balloons. The first guest to pop her balloon will receive a prize and the last to do so will wear a sexy nightgown over her clothes for the rest of the shower. At the end of the game, which the bride-to-be will surely lose, hand the guest of honor a racy nightgown that she may keep for her honeymoon. (See Reference 2)

Whose Panties Are These?

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This game allows for more laughs than the traditional method of opening shower gifts and reading a tag or card that explains who each gift is from. Instruct each guest to buy a pair of underwear in the bride-to-be’s size and to conceal her purchase in a paper bag. Collect bags as guests arrive. When you have collected panties from all guests, lay them out on a table before the bride-to-be. Tell her to hand each pair to the person she thinks brought them. If her guess is correct, allow her to keep the pair of panties. If she is wrong, let her try again, but make her model the panties over her clothes--or hold them up to avoid stretching--first. (See Reference 1)

Scratch and Model

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Tell each guest to bring to the shower a brown paper bag containing a piece of lingerie in the bride-to-be’s size, and a scratch-off lottery ticket. Collect all the bags in a basket as guests arrive. Present the guest of honor with the basket and tell her to open each bag individually. She must scratch off the lottery ticket in each bag before removing the lingerie. If she wins, she does not have to show the guests the lingerie. If she loses, she must model the lingerie over her clothes. (See Reference 1)

Dirty Chores

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Pass out paper and pens and have each shower guest think of a hated household chore. Tell guests to list three reasons why their chore is disliked. Then, trade papers and read aloud from the page, replacing the name of the chore—for example, doing the dishes—with the word “sex.” (See Reference 3)

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