What Games Can You Play at a His & Her Bridal Shower?

man's legs on the beach image by Daria Miroshnikova from Fotolia.com

Families and friends of couples-to-be are increasingly turning away from the traditional female-only bridal showers and opting for a pre-wedding event that allows the groom and male well-wishers to join in on the celebration as well. A multitude of shower games are for both men and women, but keep in mind the conventions and beliefs of the crowd when planning the itinerary.

Famous Couples Name Game

Use a twist on the "name game" as an icebreaker at a couple's wedding shower. Before the shower, come up with a list of famous couples, such as Romeo and Juliet, Tristan and Isolde, Jasmine and Aladdin, or Adam and Eve. Write the names on the back of sticky notes. When party guests arrive, place one of the sticky notes on the back of each guest. The mission of the game is for guests to ask questions to find out which character they are and then to find their “mate.” Only questions that require a "yes" or "no" answer may be asked. The first “couple” to find each other wins.

Cinderella Shoes

For coed showers where the men and women are evenly paired, play a Cinderella game. Have the women sit on a row of chairs and the men leave the room for a moment. Each woman must remove her shoes, place one of the shoes in a pile and hide the other shoe. Allow the men to return to the room. The object of the game is for each man to find the shoe that fits his partner. First prize goes to the man who can find his partner the fastest.

Identify the Groom

For a non-conventional party crowd, have the bride identify her groom through touch. Have the bride-to-be leave the room and have the men sit down on a row of chairs and pull up their pant legs to their knees. Blindfold the bride and have her return to the room. She must try to identify which pair of legs belongs to her groom. For a shower with a small group of coed guests, have each of the women try to identify her partner’s legs. The first woman to correctly locate her partner’s legs wins.

Scavenger Hunt

Before the bridal shower, make a list of themed items for a scavenger hunt. For a beach-themed shower, include items such as a beach towel, sunscreen, bathing suits and goggles. Hide the items on the list around the party venue. Have the party guests pair off into couples and give each couple a copy of the list. For a small venue, have the couples search for the items and record on the list where they are located. First prize goes to the couple who finds all of the items first. When hosting the event in a large area, hide plenty of small items and have the couples collect what they find. The couple to collect the largest number of items wins the game.