How to Raise Money for a Honeymoon at Reception

In the United States, it is sometimes customary for the bride and groom to entertain guests with a variety of reception activities that cost a dollar or two. The post-wedding income is often used to fund the upcoming honeymoon or help pay for wedding expenses. Raising money for a honeymoon can take the form of a "dollar dance" with the bride and groom, auctioning off the bride's garter or even building a decorative money tree for guests to populate with their own bits of green. (See Reference 1)

Plan the money-generating reception activities before the day of the wedding. Designate members of the bridal party to assist with the festivities. Ask one person to be in charge of the cash during the evening, and plan a safe place to store the money as it accumulates.

Have a "dollar dance" for both the bride and groom. Ask the disc jockey or announcer to let the guests know that they may enjoy a personal one-on-one dance with the bride or groom for a small donation towards their honeymoon. Select one or two slow songs for the dollar dance.

Ask two members of the bridal party to assist with the dollar dance. Have one of the men collect cash for the groom and one of the ladies collect for the bride. Provide a small decorative bag or purse to store the money, so that the focus is taken away from the actual dollar bills. Standing around with a fistful of cash can look tacky at a wedding reception.

Allow the groom to retrieve the garter from the bride's thigh, then auction it off for honeymoon spending cash. Ask a family member with auctioneer experience, or the disc jockey, to announce the auction. Unlike the garter toss for only the single men in attendance, a garter auction involves all of the guests.

Have the auctioneer start the bidding at $10. Ask the auctioneer to glorify how wonderful the garter is and how it will bring good luck to its new owner. Have him remind the single men in the audience that the garter can be purchased and presented to the lady he wishes to marry.

Create a decorative money tree using a wire form from a craft store. Tie ribbons to the form that coordinate with the wedding colors. Fold a few dollar bills in a fan shape and secure them to the money tree with small clips. Place a small note at the very top of the tree indicating the tree's purpose. Use a phrase such as "Honeymoon Fund." (See Reference 1)