How Can I Make Money for My Church?


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If your church is in need of additional funds for a special project or you simply want to do more to drum up funds, there are plenty of ways you can get involved and make money for your church. In addition to giving your own money, helping with church fundraising is a great way to give back and work with your church and neighboring community for a common goal. While working on your own is possible, making money for your church can also be a great group effort.

Host a fundraiser dinner at your house or at the church. Advertise in advance and try to sell tickets ahead of time. Charge a set amount per plate or person. A community dinner helps make money for your church and is time outside church for people to get together and talk. You can either cook the meal yourself or prepare it with a group.

Organize a rummage sale at your home or make it a community event. Ask your fellow church members and neighbors to gather up old or unused items for the sale. Place flyers around town and use social networking to advertise the event. Rummage sales are ideal around the spring or after Christmas when people might be cleaning out their homes or getting rid of unwanted items.

Solicit donations for your church door-to-door, through mass postcard mailings or at the office. While people outside your church may be less willing to contribute, focusing the donations on a specific task like mission work, a new building or other community event can encourage people to give.

Work together with your family, friends and church mates to compile a list of recipes and make a church cookbook. Design the book with sections or focus on a specific type of cuisine. You can include information about your church, religion or events to give people more information. Sell the cookbooks at church events, craft fairs or online to make money for your church.