How to find things to do on a Sunday night

Sunday is traditionally a day of relaxation, maybe going to church, maybe watching sports or taking drives with a family. It's a day to prepare for the work week. But there's no reason you should be bored. There's plenty of things to do. You just have to be adventurous and look in the right places.

Finding Sunday Activities

Plan activities based on who is in your group. If you are including children, consider family entertainment centers, lakes, parks, family resorts, sports arenas and movie theaters on Sunday night. If you are planning a girls night out or a night out with other adults, consider bars, comedy clubs, restaurants, bowling alleys, dance clubs, theaters or strip clubs. You could also get together with a group of adult friends to play a game of basketball or touch football. If you are planning on going out with your significant other, think about activities such as going for a swim or a quiet night away from friends and family or a movie.

Ask your friends and family members about their plans. An impromptu barbecue or card game can give you something relaxing to do on a Sunday night.

Look at your newspaper. Search for activities that are going on that weekend or ongoing activities, tailoring your search to your interests. Many newspapers break activities down based on types of activities. Sometimes community websites, such as city or chamber of commerce websites, have lists of things to do, organized by date.