How to Plant a Tree in a National Park in Memory of a Loved One

by Kat Oakley

Planting a tree in a national park in memory of a loved one is a gesture that will last for many lifetimes, and it allows others to join in the celebration of your loved one's life.

Choose which national park you'd like to plant the tree in. There is a national park in almost every state. The family state or any other state the family has an attachment to would be a good choice. Check with the chosen national park for specific rules and regulations. Ask about any groups that may sponsor a memorial tree planting offer or partnership.

Choose a memorial tree that will grow in the climate of the national park's location. If participating in a sponsored program, they will have park specific trees specific available for planting; if not, contact the national park to get a list of trees that will thrive in their area.

Schedule a time or plan to join the sponsorship program at a ceremony for planting the tree and memorializing a loved one.

Invite family and friends to the planting ceremony. Share the beginning of this special memorial with those who loved and knew the person memorialized.

Remind loved ones occasionally about the memorial. Plan family trips to include a visit.

Items you will need

  • Phone
  • Park details

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