How to Plant a Tree in a National Park in Memory of a Loved One

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Planting a tree in a national park in memory of a loved one is a gesture that will last for many lifetimes, and it allows others to join in the celebration of your loved one's life.

Step 1

Choose which national park you'd like to plant the tree in. There is a national park in almost every state. The family state or any other state the family has an attachment to would be a good choice. Check with the chosen national park for specific rules and regulations. Ask about any groups that may sponsor a memorial tree planting offer or partnership.

Step 2

Choose a memorial tree that will grow in the climate of the national park's location. If participating in a sponsored program, they will have park specific trees specific available for planting; if not, contact the national park to get a list of trees that will thrive in their area.

Step 3

Schedule a time or plan to join the sponsorship program at a ceremony for planting the tree and memorializing a loved one.

Step 4

Invite family and friends to the planting ceremony. Share the beginning of this special memorial with those who loved and knew the person memorialized.

Step 5

Remind loved ones occasionally about the memorial. Plan family trips to include a visit.