How to Find Ancestry in Singapore

Trace the history of your family and discover the roots of your family tree as you research ancestry in Singapore. Researching your ancestry offers many benefits as you link to the past through history, culture and lifestyle. Discover hardships your family has overcome and establish links with historical figures. With a few simple tools and resources, you will be well on your way to finding your ancestry in Singapore.

Record a time line and basic family tree, filling in as many lines and spaces as possible. Look through old family diaries and record any names mentioned in family records that might be linked to an ancestor.

Consult close family members to find out what information they know or have regarding your ancestors in Singapore. Ask them to fill in as many missing blanks as possible in the family tree.

Pinpoint the location where your ancestors most likely lived in Singapore based on the research you have done. Take a trip to this location and ask the local residents what they know about the individuals you are trying to trace.

Check websites that specialize in offering family searches. Many websites offer forums and pages where you may post a query regarding your ancestors so others can respond and offer information they know about your ancestry.

Use an online social networking site as a conduit for family connection and research. Invite family members you know to join you in a specific family group that you create on a social networking site.

Create a question and answer section on the family site, and then ask other family members to post stories and pictures about the family history. Ask them specifically about the ancestry in Singapore.

Utilize history forums and family forums that highlight family connections in Singapore, such as the one at Request information from forum members regarding your family ancestry in Singapore.

Spend some time in libraries and government offices in Singapore poring through archived newspapers; certificates of birth, marriage and death; records on microfiche and microfilm; and local history books. This might lead you to branches of your family tree that you never knew existed.