How to Search for Relatives in Other Countries

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Searching for a relative overseas may seem like a daunting task. But with the increasing availability of more public records information online, it is often possible to find relatives in other countries. The Internet provides a wealth of information from across the globe that could give clues on the whereabouts of your relatives.

Locating a Relative Overseas

Do preliminary research on the relative you are looking for. Find out as much as you can about their names, dates of birth, and whether they got married or have children. Ask other relatives to give you information they have on the relative you are seeking. Older relatives may have more insight on the information you need.

Do an online search with the relative's names to see if you come up with any information. Such searches may bring up vital records like birth and family lineage of people with that name. Other information you may find could include schools previously attended, social networking pages and places of work. Typing your surname or mother's maiden name into the search boxes on global social networking sites like Facebook can bring up some leads. Try variant spellings of any surnames, because not all branches of a given family use the same spelling.

Take a free, short online course to help you understand how to search archives and databases for records. The National Genealogical Society, which has free membership, offers a free introductory course to its members. According to their website, a family history skills course will help you find information for ancestors who lived in earlier centuries as well as how to use online finding aids and library catalogs.

Perform an online search to find out about public records offices in the country in which you are seeking your relative. Contact public records offices to ask about retrieving information on the said relative. These records will help you trace the lineage of your family and narrow down your search by giving you an idea of where your relatives could have settled abroad.

Contact the individual if you feel you have located a relative and explain who you are and why you are looking for them. Mention relatives you think they may know to help them make the connection and be open to communicating with or meeting you.